Bring some REALITY to your event

As a professional speaker, when I talk to corporate and association meeting planners or company executives, they all say the same things:

  • “I’m tired of presentations that are all rah-rah fluff where nothing really changed. Or worse, forgotten by the next day!”
  • “We wish there was a way to HARNESS all the negativity out in the world or right in our own organization.”
  • “We don’t need to pump them up but we don’t want to deflate them. We want something SUBSTANTIAL.”
  • “I want to get them MOVING because THEY want to move, in the way they NATURALLY move.”

Again and again,  everyone keeps telling me that what they really are looking for is a healthy dose of REALITY that leads to actionable, reasonable, sustainable RESULTS.

Do you need someone to deliver funny, informative keynotes and training programs for your company, association or event who can also:

Do you need a professional, business oriented keynote speaker that talks directly about the REAL issues that affect your group, yet is still funny and motivating?

Do you need someone to just get REAL?!

Professional speaker Craig Price can deliver!

It’s takes a REALIST to see that for true long-term motivation and productivity, one must look at the current tools every person possesses and utilize them, not wish for best case scenarios that may never happen.  This is the driving force behind Craig’s desire to bring ”REALITY” based programs  back into focus.

Craig’s funny, practical, REALIST approach to everyday situations and experiences gives audiences refreshing PROOF that their options are not limited. By mixing humor and research, Craig delivers effective content with a humorous context.

Look at what clients are saying about professional keynote speaker and corporate trainer Craig Price:

Great job! Craig set the bar so high, not only with his information but with his humor and personality. Thank you!
- Mary Anne Fry, Association of Record Managers and Administrators

Very funny and dead-on …Craig is one of the best presenters we have ever had.
- Doug Kruse, Employee Development Manager, Baker Hughes.

Baker Hughes

Craig is an entertaining and energetic speaker. Our discerning audience of Technical Managers thoroughly enjoyed his message and delivery.
- Sally Wilson, Alcon Laboratories

Alcon Laboratories

Craig gave a very enjoyable and meaningful speech to a large group of financial leaders representing Cameron  businesses from around the world. We will ask Craig to speak again!
- Chris Krummel, Cameron


As a speaker, author, entertainer and professional REALIST, Craig Price has helped organizations and individuals find the path to SUCCESS.

Be it negative thinking in the workplace, generational issues between employees or combating safety concerns, Craig uses a blend of sharp wit, intelligence and STRAIGHT-TALK to deliver customer focused, entertaining, though-provoking and informative programs that really IMPACT an audience.

Craig also takes the extra time to customize every keynote and training program to meet your organization’s specific needs or concerns. Craig will get to the heart of your troubles, problems and your unique issues so attendees walk away with immediate SOLUTIONS, not empty fluff. All in his exceptionally funny and DIRECT style.

Call 877-572-7890 now or email today for pricing information and availability so you can BOOK professional keynote speaker Craig Price for your next event!